Unique Dragon/Eagle Shaped Gold Nugget


This nugget resembles both a Dragon head facing to the right with a well defined jaw line, teeth, nostril and eye and to the left an eagles head with a pronounced beak and eye. Underneath the dragon head you can also see what looks like a T-rex body with a short arm a leg and tail. A truly incredible and fascinating Gold nugget. These interestingly shaped nuggets are very uncommon to come by especially in this quality and size making this nugget very unique and extremely rare. A great addition to any collection this nugget will not last long.

Discovered by a professional prospector in the Sandstone region of Western Australia.

It is 2.68 Troy Ounces (83.55 grams) and 95% to 97% pure.

Dimensions: 3.5cm T x 4.8cm L x 8mm W

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