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FAQ: Are Gold Nuggets Worth The Investment? – What to Know

There are numerous reasons to invest in gold nuggets, but these reasons are subjective to how one perceives the investment itself.

The usual reason for regular consumers is that gold’s value increases over time, as such, in the future, it’ll be worth more than what you paid for it today. However, this reasoning isn’t the case for everyone.

Some people invest in gold nuggets because it’s in their nature as a mineral collector. They want beautiful pieces of gold nuggets to include in their arsenal of mineral collections. Since collectors are less concerned about monetary value, they usually pick pieces of gold nuggets that are more attractive from an artistic perspective.

Also, jewellers value gold nuggets as raw material. Aside from crafting beautiful gold jewellery, the craftsmen like to produce one-of-a-kind gold pieces to resell for profit. Sometimes, the resale value of the finished jewellery can go as high as several times the initial value of the nugget, which makes jewellery-making a viable source of income.

How do you know which gold nuggets to buy?

Choosing which gold nuggets to buy depends on what your intention will be. If you’re a collector, you can handpick the ones that have caught your attention. Naturally, there will be nuggets that are larger or more unique than others. If you’ve found one, then consider yourself lucky. Mineral collectors pay a pretty penny for nuggets that are large or particularly unique in terms of structure and lustre.

For those who invest in gold nuggets for their monetary value, it’s best to pick small to medium-sized pieces, which range from say 1 to 5 grams in weight. With smaller-sized chunks, you can find future buyers more easily as they are affordable to most people.

Take note though, that a large gold nugget can be challenging to sell. Although its price would generally be higher, its bulk and weight make it much more expensive and this obviously narrows your potential market down. Our objective is creating a market in which larger gold nuggets can be found by collectors that seek these pieces.

What are some alternatives to gold nuggets?

Fine gold, which is purchased as dust or minute flakes, is a good gold nugget alternative. They’re cheaper and easier to find than nuggets, as well. With its innate small size, it is easy to resell in the future. However, it is not as desirable if you’re a collector. The collectability factor of a gold nugget is what makes it more valuable than spot gold price—gold dust and minute flakes will not have so high a premium.

If we factor in the fact that gold miners mine less and less gold nuggets each day, we can expect its value to increase exponentially in the future. Since most of the gold that people mine is in the form of gold flakes or dust, they still need to be refined into a single compound for easier resale and transport. With that said, naturally-formed gold nuggets are a gem compared to fine gold.


In the end, what matters is that you’re happy with your investment. Your satisfaction is equivalent to the amount or value you think you receive after your purchase. Natural gold nuggets are an excellent addition to your investment since natural gold nuggets have always proven its worth since time immemorial.

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